The 4R Nutrient Stewardship

program encourages agricultural retailers, service providers, and other certified professionals to adopt proven best management practices through the 4R, which refers to using the Right Source of nutrients at the Right Rate and the Right Time in the Right Place.

At Belmont Farm Supply our goal is to work in partnership with farmers to reduce agricultural impacts on the environment while increasing their crop productivity through optimizing crop uptake of nutrients and minimizing nutrient losses.

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Soil Sampling Services

Soil Sampling is the basis of every 4R Nutrient
Stewardship Crop Plan

The results collected can help to determine the
amount of nutrients available to the crop. This information will allow us to develop a tailored fertility plan that improves crop production and optimizes input costs while minimizing potential environmental impacts

We recommend soil sampling a field every 3-4 years in order to effectively track changes in soil nutrient levels

Composite Sampling

Field is Split into equal areas
(Maximum of 25ac per area)

The most popular and cost effective method

Gives a general analysis of the nutrients available within the entire field

Zone Sampling

Field is split into management zones

Zones can be based on factors such as; previous yield, elevation and/or soil characteristics

Zones can range in area up to a maximum of 25 acres

Gives a general representation of nutrients available in each pre-determined zone

Can be used to create a variable rate prescription

Grid Sampling

Field is split into a grid pattern. Commonly each grid is 2.5 acres in size.

Ideal for highly variable fields or fields that may require a lime application

Results in a more in-depth analysis of nutrient variability across the entire field

Can be used to create a variable rate prescription

Crop Planning

An essential part of every 4R Nutrient Stewardship Plan is to plan and document your farm's specific fertility needs

Work with one of our Certified Crop Advisors to establish yield goals and analyze your soil test results to develop a crop plan tailored to your operation

We strive too provide sounds, educated expertise on crop production to help growers find solutions that meet your farm's goals

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