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Premium Lawn Seed

"Tried and proven – A Speare Seeds mixture for over 40 years. An excellent, economical option for new lawns or overseeding." - Speare Seeds

40% Kentucky Bluegrass
40% Creeping Red Fescue
20% SR Perennial Ryegrass

Seed at 5 Ibs per 1000 sq ft

Sun & Shade Lawn Seed

"A deluxe blend providing a superior lawn – can be used in all sun or moderate shade." - Speare Seeds

25% Cert. Kentucky Bluegrass
45% Cert. Chewings Fescue
30% Cert. SR Perennial Ryegrass

Seed at 5 Ibs per 1000 sq ft

Dry Times Lawn Seed

"A fescue based mixture for use in low maintenance areas providing excellent drought tolerance." - Speare Seeds

55% Cert. Tall Fescue
10% Chewings Fescue
20% Creeping Red Fescue
10% Cert. Perennial Ryegrass
5% Annual Ryegrass

Seed at 8 Ibs per 1000 sq ft

Entire Lawn Seed Portfolio

Bagged Fertilizer.

25-10-10, 60% SCU

25-10-10, 60% SCU is a great starter fertilizer in the spring for your lawn. With a higher percentage of nitrogen it will kickstart your lawn and allow it to green up quickly.


16-16-16 is a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. A great choice for maintaining your current lawn throughout the summer months.

16-16-16, 60% SCU

16-16-16, 60% SCU puts down the exact same nutrients as normal 16-16-16 but slowly releases the nitrogen through the season allowing your lawn to have consistent access to nitrogen


6-24-24 is the perfect choice for a fall lawn fertilizer. You will want a low percentage of nitrogen, more phosphorus and more potassium when headed into the winter months to keep your lawn's roots strong.

Ag Lime

If the soil Ph of your lawn is lower then you would like it, consider lime to bring that Ph up. Only necessary if you have a soil sample showing Ph of 6 or lower.


Soil sample showing your lawn needs more magnesium? K-Mag is the product you are looking for. Also including potassium and sulfur, K-Mag is an excellent fertilizer that will increase the soil health of your lawn.

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