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Check Out our wide variety of different seeds from Dekalb, NK, Sevita and C & M


At Belmont Farm Supply Inc. we offer both DeKalb and NK Corn seed.

Since 1935, DeKalb has aimed to offer farmers corn hybrids that suit their needs. DeKalb corn hybrids are bred with one thing in mind: Performance.

"Experience, Genetics and Performance."
That is NK's commitment to growers who purchase their seed.

Since being founded in 1884, NK has produced proprietary genetics aiming for high yields, strong pest resistance packages, and maximum farmer profits.

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I.P. Soybeans.

Together with NK and Sevita, Belmont Farm Supply Inc. offers a complete lineup of I.P. Soybeans that will fit local grower demand.

NK conventional soybeans are known worldwide and are trusted in international markets. NK's goal is to give their growers a competitive advantage, and give their processors confidence when handling NK conventional soybeans.

Sevita International goes above and beyond to put Canadian farmers first. Through Sevita's breeding program they are able to provide growers exclusive varieties with unique specialty traits that will turn high yields into high returns.

We also have the ability to treat large quantities of seed on site with insecticides, fungicides and inoculants.

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Traited Soybeans.

Whether you are looking for a Roundup Ready 2 Xtend, Roundup Ready 2 Yield, or Enlist E3 soybeans, Belmont Farm Supply Inc. has you covered.

With the colossal lineup that NK, DeKalb and Sevita has established we are sure you will find a soybean that work on your ground.

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C & M Seeds is Ontario's wheat company. Family-owned and established in 1978, C & M has worked
hard to become the leading supplier of wheat seed in Eastern Canada.

C & M introduced hard red wheat to Ontario and has since specialized in high value wheat
while continuing to bring new genetics to Ontario growers year after year.

Check out their key varieties below:

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Forage Seeds.

With both Speare Seeds and Quality Seeds, we have a massive offering of forage seeds that we are sure will find a place on your farm. From high-yielding hay varieties to specialized forage mixes, cover crops and everything in-between we will find the right forage for your farm.

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