"SmartStax RIB Complete Corn is the most advanced insect and weed control system available. It provides pour-and-plant simplicity and whole-farm yield potential, as well as the broadest spectrum of above and below ground insect protection." -Bayer

DKC 46-50

95 Relative Maturity | 2900 CHU

  • Excellent stalk strength with top end yield potential
  • New Smart Stax variety for 2022
  • Excellent vigour and test weight, will need to see it in more plots for 2022

DKC 48-56

98 Relative Maturity | 2950 CHU | Silage Ready

  • Will perform best on your productive ground
  • Avoid sharp sands
  • Target planting population between 36,000 to 38,000 seeds per acre
  • Stable performing hybrid with clean grain, excellent test weight and premier yield potential

DKC 50-30

100 Relative Maturity | 3050 CHU

  • A new variety for 2022
  • Supreme seedling vigor and emergence
  • Will benefit from a fungicide application at silking
  • Performed excellent in 2021 plots

DKC 52-52

102 Day Relative Maturity | 3100 CHU

  • New variety for 2022
  • A versatile variety with high end yield potential that can be used for silage
  • Superior late season plant health, staygreen with strong stalk strength
  • Good leaf disease package

DKC 53-87

103 Day Relative Maturity | 3125 CHU

  • Stellar test weight and performs exceptionally well at harvest
  • Will see best results when planted on your Loam soils
  • Plant at 34,000 to 36,000 seeds per acre
  • Does a very good job protecting itself against common rust

Check out DeKalb's Plot Data

DeKalb Plot Data

"VT Double PRO RIB Complete Corn provides farmers who are primarily concerned about above-ground insects with the convenience and simplicity of refuge in the bag. Plus, the reduced refuge of just 5% of planted acres allows for higher whole-farm yield potential." -Bayer

DKC 46-40

96 Relative Maturity | 2900 CHU

  • Stalk and root strength are highlights from this variety
  • Plant at 34,000 - 36,000 seeds per acre
  • Performs best on your Clay and Loam Soils
  • Will benefit from an application of fungicide at silking

DKC 48-70

98 Relative Maturity | 2950 CHU | Trecepta

  • Excellent vigour, staygreen and drydown
  • Manage stalks at harvest, take off early
  • Performs best on your Clay and Loam Soils
  • Plant at 34,000 - 36,000 seeds per acre

DKC 49-09

99 Relative Maturity | 2975 CHU | Silage Ready

  • Awesome grain and silage corn, very tall hybrid
  • Performs best on your Clay and Loam Soils
  • Plant at 36,000 to 38,000 seeds per acre
  • Seedling vigor, drought tolerance and drydown are all excellent

DKC 53-60

103 Relative Maturity | 3125 CHU | Trecepta

  • New for 2022, one of the top preforming new varieties from Dekalb
  • Outstanding seedling vigour and stalk strength
  • Plant at 36,000 to 38,000 seeds per acre
  • Disease package is suboptimal, would benefit from a fungicide application

DKC 54-77

104 Relative Maturity | 3150 CHU

  • Great performer at harvest, with top notch dry down and test weight
  • Plant on Any soil type
  • Plant at 34,000 to 36,000 seeds per acre
  • Stalks and roots are both strong and get out of the ground extremely well

Check Out DeKalb's Plot Data

Dekalb Plot Data

NK has started to re-enter the corn seed market.

Check out two varieties below that we found particularly interesting

Relative Maturity 96 | 2875 CHU

The New NK9653 variety from NK is a Durcade + Viptera variety that does well on a wide range of soils but does particularly well in poorly drained and droughty conditions.

This variety is based on new genetics with improved agronomics. Great for grain or silage corn.

Relative Maturity 99 | 3000 CHU

The new NK9991 variety from NK is a Duracade variety that will excel on loamy to clay soils.

Strengths of this variety include emergence, standability and test weight. With its solid agronomics and disease package we are expecting to see good yield numbers come from this variety.

NK Plot DataWhat is Viptera?What is Duracade?

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