I.P. Soybeans.

0.4 RM | 2625 CHU

The S04-K9 bean is a very tall and bushy plant and has shown excellent yield numbers for how short day of a variety it is.

The S04-K9 has an SCN trait as well as Rps1c gene for phytophthora tolerance. Adaptable across many soil types and great early season vigor.

0.7 RM | 2725 CHU

The S07-M8 bean has been a consistent performer year after year. It is a tall plant that has great standability.

This bean will excel on your silt and loam soils and perform admirably on both sand and clay. It also prefers being in narrower rows versus wide rows. A highlight of this bean would be its tolerance to white mold.  

1.0 RM | 2775 CHU

The S10-R2 bean is an awesome high yielding, stress tolerant bean. Tall, bushy and likes to canopy quickly.

The S10-R2 will do best on your clay soils. It will also do well on sandy soils but avoid planting in silt to loamy soils. It is key to plant this bean in wide rows; it does not like narrow rows.

1.2 RM | 2825 CHU

The S12-J7 bean is a "jack of all trades" bean, sporting excellent food grade qualities and a complete disease package.

The S12-J7 is a bean that thrives on any soil. It has a Soybean Cyst Nematode trait added to it along with a desirable Phytophthora Gene stack. This bean has also done well protecting itself from SDS. Excelling in both narrow and wide rows, the S12-J7 is an overall great choice.

1.6 RM | 2850 CHU

The S16-F5 bean does best on highly productive ground, they stand excellent and like 15 inch rows.

This bean has an excellent disease package featuring the Rps1c phytophthora gene as well as an SCN trait. White mold is a watch out on this bean so managing that is key when working with this bean.

1.8 RM | 2900 CHU

The S18-R6 bean does a great job of adapting to what you throw at it. Works well under most tillage programs and handles silt, loam and clay silt exceptionally well.

This is a bean that can handle stress and has a great tolerance for both SDS and white mold. It does prefer to be planted in narrow rows.

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