Traited Soybeans.


Relative Maturity of 0.7 | 2700 CHU

DKB 07-23's have proven to be a excellent choice for a short day variety. A extremely consistent performer in plots over a wide range of soil types.

The highlights of this particular bean are its tolerance to white mold and its standability. If getting wheat planted is a priotity to you this would be a good variety to consider.


Relative Maturity of 1.0 | 2800 CHU

The S10-W8XF is a very adaptable variety that will do well across variable soil types. Doing best on wide rows.

This variety emerges excellent and has a very solid tolerance to phytophthora root rot. Additoanlly, this variety is tolerant to glufosinate giving you another option for controlling broadleaf weeds.

DKB 11-84

Relative Maturity of 1.1 | 2825 CHU

The DKB 11-84 bean from Dekalb had amazing results this past year. Does well on all soil types and excels in     no-till situations.

11-84's are a medium to tall plant with excellent emergence, standability and SDS tolerance. In high fertility situations, lower planting populations to allow them to flourish.

DKB 11-51

Relative Maturity 1.1 | 2875 CHU

The DKB 11-51 is great choice for wider rows across a wide range of soil types.

Excelling in no till management scenarios and shoots out of the ground in the spring. One thing to watch would be this variety matures more like a 1.3 then a 1.1.


Relative Maturity 1.2 | 2825 CHU

The S12-M5X is a variety from NK this past year and has seen incredible results. Excelling with any soil type or planting width.

The bullet-proof agronomic package that comes with this bean stands up extremely well against phytophthora, SDS and White mold.

DKB 14-65

Relative Maturity 1.4 | 2925 CHU

The DKB 14-65 bean from Dekalb is a mid-height bean that does very well on heavier soils and in narrower rows.

What you'll find with this bean is that it emerges very well and quickly, and has excellent tolerance for both white mold and SDS.


Relative maturity 1.4 | 2850 CHU

The S14-C7XF from NK performs very well across all soil types and in wide or narrows rows. A workhorse that will perform wherever you put it.

White mold tolerance and strong performance in numerous trials around the province make this variety a strong choice to consider for the upcoming year.

DKB 16-64XF

Relative Maturity 1.6 | 2950 CHU

The DKB 16-64XF from Dekalb is a great no-till option for this maturity range.

Better on narrow rows, a tall plant that has 3 way tolerance to glyphosate, dicamba and glufosinate. The diesase package this variety has is also no slouch, strong on brown stem rot, SDS and white mold.

DKB 14-97

Relative Maturity 1.4 | 2925 CHU

New for 2023 DKB 14-97 is a new Xtend variety coming from Dekalb that has preformed excellently in local plots this past year.

Preforming best on loam to clay soil types this tall robust bean preforms best in 7 and 15 inch rows. With its incredible standability it also sports an incredible white mold tolerance


Relative Maturity 1.8 | 2925 CHU

A new variety from NK this year, the S18-F1E3S gives us an enlist bean that holds its own against the high yielding Xtend varieties.

The S18-F1E3's standability across yield environments is one of the biggest strengths this variety has as well having the Peking source of SCN resistance.

DKB 19-80

Relative Maturity 1.9 | 3025 CHU

DKB 19-80 from Dekalb have proven to be an excellent choice as a clay bean for this maturity.

Doing very well in no-till situations, in any row width, it is quick to emerge. Disease will require more management with this variety, particularly for white mold and phytophthora root rot.


Relative Maturity 2.0 | 3025 CHU

The S20-L8X variety from NK has outstanding stress tolerance and yield potential.

When placed on clay soils and in narrow rows you will see great success with this variety. Its fast emergence and great tolerance to white mold make it a very attractive choice at this maturity level.

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